About MyNutmeg

Here at Nutmeg we’re passionate about healthy eating. We think there is so much confusing and conflicting information out there about what to eat that it can be hard to eat healthily throughout the day.

MyNutmeg does the hard work for you, adding up the calorie and nutrition content of what you eat and showing how this balances against your own personal nutritional needs.

You can aim to lose, maintain or gain weight. MyNutmeg calculates what you need depending on your individual characteristics such as sex, height and physical activity.

MyNutmeg displays easy-to-read and colourful charts, showing how your diet balances against your optimum levels of calories and seven of the key nutrients needed for maintaining a balanced diet.

There’s even a unique ‘suggestions’ feature which highlights foods causing a nutritional imbalance and suggests similar but healthier alternatives.

Foods are analysed using the Food Standards Agency’s ‘traffic light’ colour code.

You can plan your meals in advance or input what you’ve already eaten. You can also select for preferences such as vegetarian or low fat diets.

If you’re stuck for inspiration there are hundreds of delicious recipes for you to try, and MyNutmeg generates a shopping list showing just what you need to buy each week.

If you’re trying to lose weight, we won’t suggest you stick to a strange cabbage soup-based diet, you just carry on eating what you want, and we’ll show you where you can cut down on some of the less healthy food you eat.

What’s more, MyNutmeg’s nutrition advice is in line with guidance produced by the Department of Health, the Food Standards Agency and the British Heart Foundation.

MyNutmeg is free to use, or you can subscribe for just 5 per month for additional features like being able to save and print your menus and your personal details.

MyNutmeg doesn’t tell you what to eat, it suggest how you can adjust your diet to achieve your personal goals.

Don’t take our word for it; register now to take a look at what MyNutmeg offers.

Our history

MyNutmeg is part of Nutmeg UK Ltd, the nutrition analysis software company. Nutmeg has ten years’ experience of producing menus and nutritional analysis for schools, nurseries, care homes and community groups. You can find out more about Nutmeg by visiting our website at www.nutmeg-uk.com

Your recipe ideas

New foods are added to MyNutmeg daily. Why not tell us about your favourite recipe so we can include this too! If you want to send us your recipe ideas write on our Facebook wall

Testaments to MyNutmeg

‘I had no idea how much sugar and salt was in the particular brand of muesli I was eating! I thought by eating muesli every day I was being healthy – but MyNutmeg has opened my eyes to what I’m really eating.’ Sarah, 21, Aberdeen

‘I was amazed by how much I could limit my fat intake by reducing the amount of fatty cheese I eat. MyNutmeg showed that modifying by a little bit can make a big difference. I mean I still eat cheese but just not quite as much as I used to!’ Ben, 44, London


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